7 Common Struggles Of Strong But Sensitive People

7 Common Struggles Of Strong But Sensitive People

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Sensitivity and strength are not mutually exclusive. Many people believe that in order to be strong, you can’t be sensitive, and in order to be sensitive, you have to forgo those values that make you strong. However, there are many people out there who are both strong and sensitive, and who deal with complex emotions that often seem to fight each other in most situations.

If you’re both strong and sensitive, it can be hard to explain to the people around you how you feel. They don’t understand the onslaught of opposing emotions you feel on a regular basis. In fact, what you do might come as a shock to them; your sensitivity allows you to break down walls and limit the number of emotional boundaries you construct for protection, while having strength enables you to tackle challenges head on with little hesitation.

Here are seven daily struggles you, being both strong and sensitive, are likely to endure.

1. You Fixate on Decisions

You understand that your decisions carry weight, which means that they have the power to impact or influence someone else in your life. While part of you is telling you to make a decision, your sensitive side is worried about hurting someone close to you.

These conflicting feelings make deciding anything a chore, and it can also be extremely stressful.

2. People Don’t Know When You’re Upset

You don’t try to project a tough exterior to the people around you, but that’s just how your personality comes across. When you’re upset, most people probably don’t even realize it, which can make you feel alone when it comes to dealing with your emotions.

3. You Avoid Emotional Confrontation

Your strength allows you to appear confident during any emotionally challenging situation.

However, the sensitive side in you is hidden, taking things much more seriously. The people around you believe you have everything under control, but on the inside, you could be an emotional wreck and no one will ever see it.

4. You Can Dish it, But You Can’t Take it

As a strong person, you can make jokes and say things to your friends that might come across harsh, but it’s all in good fun. When you friends start to give it back, you take it personally.

Sometimes you’re able to keep your frustration inside, and other times you can’t. Your friends have probably noticed, and they might have even called you out.

5. You Stand Up for Your Friends

Standing up for your friends is a must, but you don’t afford yourself the same respect. When someone walks all over a loved one, you get upset and you do something about it. However, if the same thing happened to you, you might just shrug it off as if it isn’t as important.

6. You Imagine Confrontation

The sensitive side in you hates confrontation on any level, but the strong side yearns to take matters in a different direction. Due to the opposing emotions, you imagine confrontations in your head, playing through the possible scenarios.

However, these hardly ever play out in reality.

7. Most People Annoy You

Since most people don’t understand you, they’re annoying in your eyes. Some of the things you say or do may come off as harsh, but the people who know you the best know that you’re a great person at heart, and that your bark is worse than your bite.