Pakistan’s Parliament Is First to Run Exclusively On Solar Energy

Pakistan’s Parliament Is First to Run Exclusively On Solar Energy

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The push to go solar is very real. It seems like every other week there’s a new development in renewable, sustainable energy, especially when it comes to solar power. It’s becoming easier and easier for people to make the switch to solar energy; companies, homeowners, and now entire regions are converting to a form of energy that will help bring the world into a brighter future, no pun intended.

Earlier in the year, the Pakistani Parliament became the first in the world to rely entirely on solar energy for power.

The panels installed in the house produce 80 MW of electricity, 62 MW of which are consumed by the National Assembly, and 18 MW that are contributed to the national grid.

Parliamentary speaker, Ayaz Sadiq announced the change while thanking the Chinese government for the part it played in the solar-power upgrade. The project was initially launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while the Chinese President was in Pakistan in 2015.

The project itself cost around 55 million dollars to complete, but it was largely funded by the Chinese government. Although it was pricey, the upgrade is projected to save an estimated 267,265 dollars per year.

Check out the video below to get some more details on the project.

Sharif has claimed that the country would solve its energy crisis by 2018 as they begin to modernize in terms of energy use; they are completely engaging in a solar culture and sustainable future.

This is a way of thought that countries all over the world need to adopt. Solar energy isn’t just good for a specific region or nation itself, but for people all around the globe. Sustainable energy needs to be the focus for leaders as we continue to find out more regarding the negative impact modern energy sources create.

Pollution is at an all-time high, we’re quickly running out of fossil fuels, and we’re in need of a sustainable energy source that will continue to power our daily lives. Solar energy is just one solution to the problem; there are a number of other forms of renewable energy that we can take advantage of.

Start thinking about how you can have an impact on the world through your energy use. Whether it means upgrading your home, your car, or your business, it’s time to start doing your part.