5 Things That No Amount Of Money Can Ever Buy

5 Things That No Amount Of Money Can Ever Buy

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1. Time.

Time keeps on slipping, am I right? You’ll never get back the time you wasted chasing money. It’s like chasing water down a drain. Each moment puts you a little bit closer to death. So live it up. Money won’t buy you more time.

The truth.

No amount of cash can ever buy you the truth. Maybe you can buy influence, but not the truth. You can throw money at doctors and scientists and politicians to make them say what you want them to do, but you can’t cover up the truth with your money.

3. Love.

You might be able to buy yourself a trophy partner, but you can never buy love. And besides, who wants to be with someone who doesn’t love you? Why have a partner that just wants your money?

4. Peace.

Money won’t ever buy you peace. Peace comes from within. Money can’t protect you from everything, so you have to find your peace another way.

5. Health.

Money can buy you better healthcare but it absolutely will not buy you better health. Aging is a fact of life. If you don’t exercise and eat poorly, you’ll gain weight and be unhealthy. Only you can promote good health. Your money can’t.

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