Koko The Gorilla Couldn’t Have Kids Of Her Own, So She Adopted...

Koko The Gorilla Couldn’t Have Kids Of Her Own, So She Adopted 2 Kittens On Her 44th Birthday

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Koko the gorilla is famous for a lot of things. Her clear intelligence, her ability to communicate, but what isn’t well known is her love for babies, even though she’s never been able to have her own.

One of Koko’s favorite signs is “baby,” and she can be seen carrying gorilla dolls in her arms regularly. She even plays with her dolls, moving their hands and arms to create signs.

In celebration of Koko’s 44th birthday, her caretarker, Franice Patterson, introduced her to one of her favorite things: kittens.

During their meeting, Koko repeatedly signed “cat” and “baby,” letting her trainers know that she loved the kittens. She evens signed, asking her caretakers to put one of the kittens on her head.


Just a little bit too cute if you ask me.

As always, Koko was incredibly gentle with the babies, picking them up very delicately and stroking their heads gently.

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