How To Make Slow Burning Wood For Your Fireplace Out Of Junk...

How To Make Slow Burning Wood For Your Fireplace Out Of Junk Mail

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If you have an over abundance of junk mail, wishing so desperately to get rid of it, then this article is going to help you big time. If you are in need of another source to burn aside from logs, you can actually take all of your junk mail and turn it into a slow burning block that works literally to the same effect.

Instead of throwing all of your junk mail away into the recycle bin or trash can, continue building up the pile for this awesome technique. You will be needing a couple buckets, old saw blade, a drill, some water, and all of your junk mail that you despise. This is also a pretty effective way to make sure that no one can ever get a hold of your personal and private information.

Not only are you helping yourself by preventing identity theft but are also helping the environment by using this paper log instead of an actual log that would be cut from a hacked down tree. This method can last you a really long time without ever needing to go and buy firewood ever again. An unlimited supply of slow burning paper logs is all you need to really get your house heated in the winter time.

However, I advise you to take these words with caution upon burning your homemade paper logs: The dyes/chemicals used to make junk mail are extremely toxic when burned. Be sure you do not cook over this fuel source, and get a biannual chimney check because this can cause some pretty gnarly chimney problems.

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