A Grandmother And Her Grandson Were Asked A Question. Her Grandson’s Answer?...

A Grandmother And Her Grandson Were Asked A Question. Her Grandson’s Answer? Heartbreaking.

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Good parents do their best to give their children good experiences and the tools needed in order to thrive in this life. As generations moved by, those tools changed, as did the experiences kids had. If you asked your grandmother what she did as a child, her answer would differ from yours I’m sure. But if you compared her grandmother’s childhood? It’s still different, but I get the feeling that the differences aren’t as stark and disturbing.

Nature Valley decided to ask three generations, “When you were a kid, what did you do for fun?”

The grandparents talked about blueberry picking and fishing. The parents talked about growing watermelon and making big forts with friends. But the children are having a very different experience.

They said they love texting and TV. They want to watch videos and play video games. They spend hours browsing the internet and don’t seem to have any interest in interacting with people. Even now, an inventor created a pepper shaker that turns off all the devices in the home to give parents some amount of control over their families.

What are you favorite memories from childhood, and what do you think today’s kids are missing?

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