5 Signs That It’s Time To Detox Your Life

5 Signs That It’s Time To Detox Your Life

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We all know about health detoxes. You drink a special tea or eat some superfoods and your body kicks out all the nasty toxins and free radicals and so on. But what do you do when you need to detox your whole life? When do you know it’s time to kick all the toxic BS out of your life?

1. You spend too much money.

It’s incredible how many people do nothing to budget their money. They spend like it’s their full time job. Excessive credit cards, ordering out entirely too much, it’s a waste. The things you own eventually start to own you. If you’re spending money faster than you’re making it, it’s time to think hard about what it is that you want and need.

2. Neglecting your health.

Hey, part of detoxing your life is detoxing your body, right? If you’ve been neglecting your body, sitting around all the time, eating bad food, doing no kind of physical activity, it’s time to consider some serious changes. If you neglect your health, it’ll come back to bite you in the ass. Hard.

3. Having too many negative friends.

When your life is full of negative people, you yourself become fairly negative. If you look around and find that your friends are all chatty gossipy types, all so negative and back stabby, it’s probably time for a friend detox.

4. Having too much junk.

Look around your home. Is there crap everywhere? Is it dirty? Is there clutter on every surface? It might be time for a house detox! Get rid of clothes you never wear. Throw away old stuff that you can’t use anymore. Clean out your drawers. It’s almost like therapy.

5. Being too connected.

Let me guess, you’ve got your tablet for when you’re on the couch, your phone is on you and on 25/8, and you pretty much never shut off your computer. Here’s a trick: shut everything down for an hour and see what happens. You might be surprised.

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