Meeting your twin flame is an extraordinary experience. Not just because they’re your own soul’s literal other half, but because you’ve met them before in another existence, and you’ll meet them again when your current existence is over. Needless to say, when you meet your twin flame, you’re going to know it because you won’t have experienced anything like it; it’ll feel like meeting someone new, and yet like you’re reconnecting with the most important person to you in the world.

If you’ve already met your twin flame, these three experiences won’t shock you, but if you’re still on the lookout, here’s what you can expect.

1. You Finally Feel Complete

When you meet your twin flame, you aren’t just meeting your soul mate. There are billions of people on this planet, and chances are that there are number of people you can be ideally matched with. Only one of those people is your twin flame, however, and you know who it is when you feel it.

Everyone wants to feel complete, like the search for love is over, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience with your twin flame. This doesn’t mean you couldn’t have fallen in love with someone else, it just means that your energetic soul is satisfied with the connection you’ve made. That part of your spirit is constantly on the lookout for its other half, which means it gets to stop looking when you find that one person.

2. Your Relationship Becomes Your life

This can turn a lot of people in your life against you, but you won’t really care. When you find your twin flame, your priority list goes through a very permanent change, and your twin flame is at the top. Not only do you care more about this person than you do anyone else in your life, but the relationship you’re in means just as much.

You may find that balancing other aspects of your life with your new relationship is extremely difficult. Work becomes a chore, even if you have your dream job, and other relationships will suffer. Even though you feel like you have an entirely new existence, you’re still living in the real world, which can be a difficult realization to make.

3. You Experience Everything On a Different Level

Every aspect of your relationship with your twin flame is different than you’ve ever experienced before. Sex, emotion, health, romance, intimacy, anything; it all feels completely different to you than it did before. This is because you have another half to your own, which essentially means that for the first time in your current life, you’re complete.

This is going to make everything different, not just your experiences within your relationship. You’re going to start experiencing the world through an entirely different perspective, as if you were a new person. This can be a positive, or a negative depending on how people perceive your relationship from the outside, but you’ll perceive it as overwhelmingly positive.

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Narcissism or narcissist are terms that are loosely thrown around in today’s society, and often without the proper context. These are terms that shouldn’t be associated simply with selfishness or self-absorption, but with something much more serious. A narcissist isn’t just selfish or self-absorbed; they lack the ability to empathize, they use people for their own personal gain, and they often discard people when they no longer see a purpose in the relationship, whatever that term means to them.

What’s worse is that they’re good at faking it. They know how to attract others and persuade people into placing misguided emotional investments into a relationship that doesn’t actually exist.

They are gifted when it comes to deceit and exploitation, and no one is exempt from the harm they can cause. If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, friendship or otherwise, here are three ways they can try to take advantage of you.

1. Emotional Puppeteering

This is an act commonly referred to as triangulation, and it’s used by narcissists to maintain control in any type of relationship. In order to manipulate your emotions, they will bring a third party into the relationship dynamic in an attempt to provoke jealousy, and keep the power.

For example, If you have a problem and you go to your narcissist friend for support, they may try to bring in a third party to deal with problem so they don’t have to. They’ll often say things like, “I wish you’d be more like him/her.” If you notice this happening, get out of the relationship before it gets worse.

2. Cognitive Dissonance

Narcissists know exactly who they are and why they do the things that they do. This self-awareness means that they need to put on a mask in order to maintain normalcy in the outside world.

Unfortunately, they’ve learned to do this early in life and it only gets better with time. By the time you find yourself in a relationship with a narcissist, they will have already mastered the technique. This results in people trying to rationalize a narcissist’s terrible behavior with the caring, empathetic, and loving individual they create for the outside world.

3. Idealization, Devaluation, and Discard

This is something more commonly found in romantic relationships with a narcissist rather than friendships, but it can be found in both. This is a cycle that can be extremely damaging to a person, yet it’s something that a narcissist will do without thinking twice.

The beginning of the relationship starts with idealization. They make you feel like you’re the most important thing in their life. This will involve flattery, praise, and telling you they’ve found their soulmate. This will push you deeper into the relationship, and motivate you to reciprocate the praise you feel yourself.

Suddenly, this will change. Instead of receiving praise and flattery, you’ll start to feel criticized for everything you do. You may get some praise here or there, but mostly you’ll be chastised for your actions. During the devaluation phase of the cycle, you’ll feel a great deal of psychological and emotional abuse.

Finally, they’ll discard you. Once they realize they can’t take anything more from you, they will leave you in the most demeaning way possible. Usually this results in leaving you for someone else, or humiliating you in front of others.

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Pictures and images can reveal a great deal about human personality. What we see, what we choose to see, and what’s actually depicted in an image can mean different things for different people. It’s all about perspective; our perspectives define our realities as humans.

Even the simplest of images can provide us with insight into how we view the world. Take the image below, for example. It’s currently making its rounds across social media and the rest of the Internet, and for good reason. Don’t analyze the image for a long time, simply use your instincts.

What do you see?


A Tree

If you saw a tree before anything else, it means you’re extremely observant. You see the things that other people miss, like body language, tonal changes during a conversation, and everything else. Your ability to notice the little things has to do with your sensitive nature; you’re aware of the moods and emotions of the people you surround yourself with. In other words, you’re an empath.

This gives you the ability to talk to others without inciting any sort of confrontation. Timing and patience are things that come naturally to you, and they’re things that other people wish they could master. This makes you ideal for professional positions that call for precision and awareness.

An Explosion

If you saw a fiery explosion like a nuclear blast, this means your imagination is well-developed.

Your creativity and imagination has probably helped you in a number situations, and chances are, you enjoy working in an artistic capacity. If you aren’t already working as an artist, you probably have some talents yet to be discovered; don’t sell yourself short when it comes to art or your ability to create. Your imagination is well-developed and mature, which means you need an outlet or you’ll become easily overwhelmed.

Figure out what you love to create and start doing it in your spare time, or even professionally.

Open Hands

If you saw open hands, you also possess an well-developed imagination, but you rely heavily on your logical sense to make the majority of your decisions. You’re no stranger to the occasional daydream session, but you always prefer focusing on what you can physically see with your own eyes. Not only do you see what’s going on around you, but you see it clearly.

This makes you easy to come to for advice, and your friends probably do so frequently. Your rational thought process makes it easy for you to maneuver out of tough situations, and you never give into panic. Not only can you calm yourself down, but you can calm others down as well. People are naturally drawn to you.


If you can make out anything specifically in the picture, it means you need a break. Your mind has been overworked for an extended period of time, and you need to rest. If you can seem to perform or think through an abstract-thought exercise, it’s an indicator that it’s time to turn off for a bit. Try turning off your computer, your phone, and anything else that’s causing you stress.

Stay away from your email for a few hours; just relax.

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Empathy is the defined as a person’s ability to experience emotion at a high level. However, this doesn’t just mean personal emotion, but the emotions and feelings of others as well. If you’re described as an empath, it means that you have a special connection to the people and world around you.

Empaths are typically creative, compassionate, and spiritual beings. Although being spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean being religious, it just means they are open to the forces or energies they feel in the environments around them. If you want to know whether or not you’re an empath, check out these ten signs to be sure.

1. You Seek Balance Rather than Success

This is a major sign that you’re an empath because balance and comfort are more important to you than monetary success. You won’t do whatever it takes to get to the top, you’ll simply do what you need to do in order to be in balance with your surroundings.

2. You Enjoy Personal Connections

If you’re an empath, creating a personal connection with someone is a valuable experience. Not everyone cares about making one-on-one connections with the people around them, but you do, which could be a sign that you’re an empath.

3. Spending Alone Time is Important

Empaths need time to themselves in order to recharge and relax. Spending time with others is something you love to do, but it can also be draining because you pick up on everyone’s emotions.

4. You Avoid Large Crowds

Crowds generate a great deal of energy that any empath will automatically pick up on. You can only be in a large crowd for so long before you become emotionally and mentally drained.

5. You Don’t Like Cities

Just like large crowds, major cities can be draining both emotionally and mentally. Your ideal home will be somewhere in the mountains or in a more secluded area.

6. You Need to Practice Your Creativity

Whatever creative outlet you enjoy the most, you need to practice it. It doesn’t matter what it is, but you have an active need to express yourself through a creative means. Empaths thrive on creativity and they harbor meaning from the arts.

7. Nature is Healing

When you’re out in the natural world, hiking, camping, or anything else, you feel a strong, healing presence. Nature has the power to recharge you and bring you back down to Earth.

8. Small Talk Feels Meaningless

For an empath, small talk will often feel like a waste of time. Although it can be polite when you first meet someone, you don’t have much of a desire to talk about the weather; you want to talk about something that actually means something.

9. You’re Overwhelmed Emotionally

Empaths can easily find themselves overwhelmed by their own emotions. If you can pick up on other peoples’ emotions, that means your own are going to be that much stronger.

10. You Avoid Confrontation

Confrontation can be extremely draining for an empath, especially if it’s amongst friends. You grapple with consequences of taking one side or another in order to save face.

When two people fall in love, the beginning can seem almost like a guessing game. They’re constantly thinking about how vulnerable to be, what emotions to show, which ones to hide, and just how much insight to provide the other person into how they’re feeling. The beginning of a serious relationship can be fun for these reasons, but it can also be a little confusing.

However, people generally tend to show the same signs when they start to really fall for someone. If you’re observant, these signs will tell you whether or not the person you’ve started dating feels as seriously as you do about the relationship. Check out these six signs to see where you stack up with your significant other.

1. They Make Plans for Two

When a person gets serious about a relationship, they no longer make plans for just themselves, they make them for two. If you’re in a relationship and can’t tell if your significant other is serious, see how he or she sets their schedule. If you’re involved without having to assert yourself, chances are things are getting pretty serious.

2. They Act Like Themselves

One way to tell if someone really cares about you is by observing how they act. When you’re comfortable with someone, you aren’t afraid to be your normal, silly self.

This can be a major indicator into the seriousness of a relationship; the more comfortable your partner is around you, the more serious the relationship is getting. If it’s hard to see your partner’s true self, it may be time to move on.

3. They Take the Time

If your partner takes a while to get ready, if they care about how they look when you go out, or they work really hard to create a memorable evening, it’s a good sign they are falling for you.

Taking the time, even for the smaller aspects of dating life, can show a lot about how someone feels. If your partner doesn’t spend time on themselves for your sake, chances are they don’t feel very serious about the relationship.

4. They Tell You How They Feel

At the beginning of a relationship, it can be hard to tell someone how you truly feel. However, if your partner decides to open up and express their feelings, it doesn’t take a relationship guru to see that things are heating up. Opening up to someone isn’t easy, so when it happens in your relationship, this is a major sign that your partner is falling for you.

5. Other People Get Set Aside

One easy way to tell your partner is falling for you is by how they treat other people in their lives. The beginning of a relationship can be intoxicating, and you may find yourself only wanting to spend time with the person you’re dating. If you notice that your partner is setting plans aside just to spend time with you, you can rest assured that they are getting serious.

6. You Quirks Are Endearing

When it comes to your friendships, your quirks can be used against you. Even your own family will make fun of them, and you, mercilessly. However, you know it’s getting serious with your significant other if he or she finds them endearing.

Your partner will understand that these little things about you actually make you who you are, and that’s a big deal.

The Standing Rock Indian Reservation has garnered support and attention over the last few months, as it rightfully should. Thousands of Native Americans and other supporters traveled in order to lend a hand during the peaceful protests, which endured freezing temperatures and oppressive backlash. Fortunately, these protests were successful, and they resulted in the Army Corps of Engineers denying a permit that would allow Energy Transfer Partners, the company in charge of the pipeline, permission to build.

This was a major victory for the Native Americans who live on the Standing Rock Reservation, and shows the power that peaceful solutions can have the face of injustice. It also provides a little more insight into the way of life that Native Americans hold dear. Their values have been cherished for generations, and they can help us all, native or not. Here are four Lakota Sioux laws that can and will change your life.

1. Respect

A central teaching for the Lakota people is respect. They believe in honoring and respecting all life they see around them for what it provides. The same energy forces move through every living being on Earth, which means that all living things are important; no one thing is more important than the other.

It’s for this reason that all life demands respect. When you start to respect the life and the world around you, you start to see the beauty in things, more so than you did before.

2. Compassion

This is a value that is shared throughout a variety of peoples, not just the Lakota. We should all treat people the way we ourselves would like to be treated. By doing so, we are able to call on each other for support and helping hands.

The Lakota believe that humans all come from the same source, again, we all consist of the same energy, so it’s important to help and care for one another. This was essential during the Standing Rock protests; people empathizing and coming together for the greater good.

3. Generosity

Giving is important, and it’s a major part of life for the Lakota Sioux. Unfortunately, it’s something the world has seemed to lose sight of, especially in this current age. Instead of asking yourself how doing something will benefit you personally, ask how it will benefit others.

Balance is important, but it can never be achieved if we constantly take. By taking only what we need while giving to others, we keep our lives and the planet in balance.

4. Wisdom

Wisdom and knowledge are things that the Lakota people cherish greatly. They place importance on the past and the lessons that can be derived from people who have been around much longer. Their ancestors are never far from their minds, and it’s because they still have a part to play in the energy utilized by all living things. If you listen carefully, you can still hear their words and their teachings in your daily life. Observe the world that exists around you, be patient, and be willing to learn.

Wisdom is invaluable, and it’s something you can use the rest of your life on Earth.

Love is tricky. Whenever we find ourselves in a serious relationship, we want to know for sure if it’s the real thing, or if we’re just trying to convince ourselves it’s the real thing. Sometimes it’s more obvious than others, and sometimes it’s a complete mystery. Not only can it be hard to tell if you’re in love, it can also be hard to tell what kind of love you feel. As humans, we will experience a variety of loves for a variety of people; you can love your best friend, but that’s obviously going to be different than the love you feel for a significant other.

There is a belief that we only fall in love with three people throughout our lives, and each person plays a very specific role. Check out these three types of love all humans experience at some point in their lives, and see if you can relate.

1. The Fairy Tale Love

The fairy tale love you experience is exactly what it sounds like. This is the type of love you see in the movies, television shows, and literally in fairy tales. It’s the love we all aspired to have, and it’s the love we all mistakenly thought it would be easy to find.

If you’ve experienced this type of love before, you know that it shows you how hard it is to pretend to be something you aren’t, or have something you don’t. Essentially, this is the love you had that looked perfect on paper, and it matched up with what you saw on the big screen, but you weren’t actually into it.

2. The Misconception Love

This is the type of love you found when you least expected it. It catches you off guard and completely demolishes any preconceived notions you had about love, relationships, or the people you can ultimately be with. Unlike the fairy tale love, this love looks terrible on paper, which doesn’t make sense to you at all.

This love also happened easily for something so unexpected, and you had no say in it at all. The connection you feel to the other person is incredibly difficult to explain, but all you know is that this person truly understands you and loves you for who you are.

The acceptance this person has for you shakes you, and it can make you feel uneasy at times, but you know it’s the real deal.

3. The Toxic Love

This is the hardest relationship you’ll ever go through, and for good reason. This type of love tends to teach people more about themselves than they would like to know, and it can be incredibly transformative. Manipulation, drama, and lies are the toxic love’s core, and they keep you hooked to the other person much longer than you should be.

Although you know the relationship is bad for you both, you stay in it looking for the next great experience. You might find some, but they will be lost in a sea of terrible experiences that you won’t soon forget. The key to identifying this type of love is that trying to make things work will be more important than whether or not it should.

We always hear that stress is terrible for our mental and physical health. What we don’t always hear is that stress can actually be an advantage in some situations. Feelings of stress can stem from almost every aspect of our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to allow it to get out of control. Stress can actually be an indicator that we’re challenging ourselves, pushing ourselves to reach our goals.

If you’re feeling a little more stressed out that normal, take a look at these five ways that stress can actually be used as a tool. Don’t let stress hold all the cards in your life, but try to use it to your advantage.

1. Use it to Create a Positive Attitude

Although this seems a little counterintuitive, you can actually use stress as an indicator to create a more positive outlook on your life. If you’re feeling stressed out about past mistakes or some unwelcome emotions, don’t linger on them, simply let them go.

You’re feeling stressed because these things aren’t useful to think about any more than you should. Your mind and body are telling you to let them go.

2. Let it Teach You to Let Go of Control

In addition to letting it transform your attitude, you can also use it to let go of your misplaced desire to be in control.

This is more of an issue for some people than it will be for others, but feeling stressed can be a sign that you need to stop trying to take control of every situation. It’s no secret that people like to be in control, but there are some scenarios where it simply isn’t an option. Listen to your stress and let it teach you to let it all go.

3. Harbor a New Found Perspective

Stress can result from a number of different things in our lives, which means that it could be time for a change. If you’re feeling stressed out about a relationship for example, it could be time to look at that relationship from a different perspective. Solve this issue by changing your environment, improving yourself in one way or another, or take the time to try new things. You may find that a new perspective eliminates your stress completely.

4. Share Your Emotions with Others

One of the worst parts about being stressed out is that you just feel drained both emotionally and physically. Although this usually makes us want to be alone, sharing is really the best way to combat these feelings.

Talk to the people around you who care and want to listen; these people are your support group and they want you to get better. Don’t let stress keep you from sharing with those closest to you.

5. Get Some Rest

Sleep is one of the best ways to fight off stress in our lives. Stress can actually be the result of not getting enough sleep in the first place. Getting a full night’s rest will make you feel like yourself in the morning, and it will fight off those negative emotions or worries. Adults should be getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

Humanity is fascinated by the possibility of alien life in space. Some could argue that it’s the fundamental motivation for pushing the boundaries of our own existence through space exploration. It’s an interesting concept that many people believe, but more importantly, it’s a concept that you can’t explain away. In fact, when you start to do some research and actually get a sense for just how expansive the universe truly is, it’s actually hard not to believe it yourself.

This is why Tabby’s star is so interesting to astronomers and amateur astronomers alike. When the star was first presented over a year ago, interest was piqued because of the rumor of an alien megastructure surrounding it. Even though this rumor has been largely dispelled, the star has some weird, mysterious activity that’s keeping astronomers focused.

The reason the star is so interesting is that it displays unusual dips in starlight. However, after more than a year of study, no one has found anything alien-like around the star at all. What we do know is that because of its unusual light activity, it’s a star like we’ve never found before.

Andrew Siemion, Director of the Berkeley SETI Research Center, and Co-Director of Breakthrough Listen, has been paying close attention the star’s activity.

“The Breakthrough Listen program has the most powerful SETI equipment on the planet, and access to the largest telescopes on the planet,” he explains in a recent statement, “We can look at it with greater sensitivity and for a wider range of signal types than any other experiment in the world.”

Let’s look at some facts. Fact number one: the universe is huge. Not only is it huge, but it’s actually still expanding and getting even more huge. We know this because the continuous expansion of the universe makes itself evident through constant change. Galaxies are getting further away and more spread out, and we can even see changes happening within the Milky Way as well. I remember from my astronomy 101 class in undergrad, complete with textbook verification, that there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth.

Simply, mind boggling.

Fact number two: NASA already has a team in place where their sole purpose is to find other planets with similar conditions to Earth. This means water, distance from a central star, and the existence of an ozone layer, just to list a few qualities. The Kepler mission, as it’s been called, has found thousands of Earth-like planets as of this May, and more are sure to follow.

These findings come from a very limited scope in regards to our technology. As our technology continues to develop, so will our ability to discover even more planets similar enough to Earth.

My point here is that to claim humanity is the only intelligent life in the universe, you’re basically buying a lottery ticket and claiming you’re the winner before they even choose the numbers. It’s just not very likely when you consider the size and scope of the universe we live in, let alone our own galaxy. It’s no wonder that finds like Tabby’s star get people and astronomers interested. We want to know who else is out there, and if there is other life, we want to make contact.

The reliance we place on fossil fuels has taken its toll. Many of the environmental issues we’re faced with today come as a result of our inability to move away from fossil fuels like coal as a means for energy. Although companies and innovators are coming up with ways to combat harmful air pollution, global warming, and other environmental problems, we’ll never really have a solution until we’re able to rely on renewable energy to power our daily lives. Until we’re able to substitute renewable energy for fossil fuels, any solutions we create will only be covering up the real problem.

However, we are making giant steps in the right direction, and renewable energy is becoming more prevalent throughout the global community. Over 500,000 solar panels were installed each day last year, and renewables finally passed coal in order to become the largest source of power capacity on a global scale. The International Energy Agency, or IEA, reported that renewables accounted for more than half of the new power capacity around the planet. Solar and wind power are responsible for leading this drive away from fossil fuels more than any other forms of renewable energy.

Installation of environmentally friendly energy sources was up a total of 15 percent in 2014, which forced the IEA to change its predictions for renewables. They predicted the use of renewables to increase by only 13 percent between 2015 and 2021, underestimating how quickly countries would start following suit. The movement is largely driven by Asia, with China in the captain’s chair, but India and the United States have been contributing significantly. Europe, once thought to be the leader of the renewable energy movement, is falling behind.

“I am pleased to see that last year was one of records for renewables and that our projections for growth over the next five years are more optimistic. However, even these higher expectations remain modest compared with the huge untapped potential of renewables. The IEA will be working with governments around the world to maximize the deployment of renewables in coming years,” explains IEA Executive Director Dr. Faith Birol in a statement.

Although the new capacity added has accounted for a record 153 Gigawatts of renewable power, this type of electricity generation is only expected to make up around 28 percent of all generation globally by 2021. Green, environmentally friendly energy is the fastest growing source of electricity generation in the world, but we’re still falling short in regards to meeting the Paris Climate Agreement, and we won’t be able to keep the planet below a 3.6 degree Fahrenheit warming temperature.

This increase in the use of renewable energy, especially solar and wind power, isn’t only driven by the looming Paris Climate Agreement, it’s also driven by human safety. In Asia, the main concern is air pollution and population health, not meeting the terms of the agreement. Diversifying the energy supply while improving energy security also plays a role in the renewable rise.

As we move forward, we will continue to see a shift in power markets being led by renewables. The market for these types of renewable energies is getting more competitive, which means costs will continue to drop. It’s never been a better time to invest in something real, renewable, and vital.