5 Things You Don’t Owe To Anyone, Even Though You Feel Pressured

5 Things You Don’t Owe To Anyone, Even Though You Feel Pressured

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Society puts a lot of pressure on us to conform to a certain way of life. When we don’t conform, we’re often confronted about why. People pressure you to do the things they want you to and account for your actions. These are 5 things that you don’t actually owe anyone, even though you might feel pressured.

1. An explanation of your love life.

Or lackthereof. The person you decide to love, sleep with, or abstain from being with all together is a choice you make for yourself. If you’re feeling pressured to settle down and have kids, rethink your situation. Consider what you want. Don’t be afraid to express your intent, but don’t feel like you must.

2. An apology.

People may put pressure on you to make nice and make up, but don’t say sorry if you’re not sorry. You can explain why you feel the way you do, but don’t feel like you must apologize.

3. You don’t have to agree with anyone.

But you can agree to disagree. You’re not likely to change too many minds that are on the polar opposite side of a belief of yours, and that’s okay. Just don’t let it ruin your relationship with someone.

4. How you live.

The way you live is up to you. You live your life exactly as you want to, and that goes for your living situation. It doesn’t matter if something weird is happening like you keep adopting more dogs or your ex is crashing on your couch. You don’t need to explain your motives.

5. Your life path.

Your personal life choices, like your career and other personal choices, are up to you to make. If someone is curious, talk about it! But don’t open up just because someone feels entitled to an explanation.

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